Masmos Niaga and RC KL DiRaja Celebrate Successful Completion of RM1.6 Million Project with 20+ Rotary and Rotaract Clubs

Masmos Niaga and RC KL DiRaja have achieved a significant milestone with the completion of their joint project valued at RM1.6 million. This endeavor, made possible through collaboration with over 20 Rotary and Rotaract Clubs, exemplifies the power of community spirit and collective effort.

The success of this project was made possible by the dedication of over 150 volunteers, who contributed a total of 1000 hours towards its completion. Among them were 50 individual Rotarians and their families, whose unwavering commitment added to the project's success.

Taking just three months to complete, this achievement underscores the efficiency and effectiveness of teamwork in bringing about positive change and making a meaningful impact in communities.

28 May 2024